90 Minute Parent Teen Program

The Code of Virginia (§ 22.1-205) requires students and their parents to participate in a 90-minute parent/teen presentation.  This presentation is a component of the classroom driver education course.

In order for us to issue you your certificate of completion you will need to complete this 90 minute program AND the 30 hour online course. For this reason, we ask that you complete the 90 minute program before you begin the actual course. When you complete this 90 minute program, you will be automatically redirected to the first Module of your course. (Module 1)

In order to complete the entire program you will need to complete:

  • 90 Minute Parent/Teen Program
  • Modules 1 through 12

Both the parent/guardian and the student should be present for the 90 minute parent/teen program.

Click below to begin the 90 minute program.

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